Mission to Mars Contest: Theme & Requirements

Enter to win admission to the Space Academy Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Humans want to build a colony on the red planet for many reasons.  The spirit of adventure is here and space colonization increases our species survival in the far future.

The Mission to Mars contest asks you to imagine how you will travel to Mars – or how your colony will survive the first year on the planet.  You will need to be prepared for numerous challenges. So get creative and think of how you think your colony would survive.

The contest is fairly simple…

Step 1: How Would Your Colonists…

“How would your colonists travel to Mars?” 

To take the first step forward, the first Mars colony will need to be prepared for the long voyage to the Red Planet. If the trip was to leave in the next 5 to 10 years from today, how would you transport the passengers?

“How would your colonists survive on Mars?” 

What would your colonist need to survive the first year on the planet?  To take the first step forward, the first Mars colony will need to be prepared for the harsh conditions on Mars, including water, food, and transportation.  Use your imagination!

Step 2: Show Us!

Use your imagination to present your idea!

Examples we have received…

  • Diorama and send us photo of your creation!

  • Draw a picture of your ship or Mars colony!

  • Write a story or description of your idea!

  • Send us a video – hosted on YouTube or similar


Step 3:  Enter the Contest

To enter the contest, submit your presentation using the Mission to Mars Entry Form.

Entries must be submitted (and arrived) no later than March 31, 2017 at midnight CST.

 Questions? Email us at:  NSSofNT@yahoo.com

National Space Society of North Texas