The TX-Central Regional Space Development Conference  is for everyone interested in Space Tourism, Space Exploration, Moon Settlement, Mars Exploration and Settlement, Living in Space, Space Technologies, Asteroid Harvesting, Space Solar Power and the Commercialization of Space.

Connect and learn about space commerce, exploration, development and settlement.

The conference will bring together professionals and leaders in the industry to speak on a wide range of topics. Sponsored by the National Space Society of North Texas.

Learn about the historic Space Race and be inspired by Mercury 13 Astronaut Wally Funk!  Get additional motivation and perspective from NASA ISS Scientist (and modern-day Hidden FigureDr. Camille Wardrop Alleyne!  See samples of Moon rocks returned from the NASA Apollo missions!  Receive updates on NASA and Commercial Spaceflight missions from leaders of the Moon Society, the Mars Society, and the National Space Society!

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