Moon Day 2012

WHAT: Moon Day 2012 Moon Day 2012 flyer

WHEN: Saturday, July 21, 2012

WHERE: Frontiers of Flight Museum
6922 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX

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Each year, NSSNT joins with the Frontiers of Flight Museum and other local organizations to present a fun-and-fact-filled day of space events, news, and presentations.

This year, NSSNT VP Ken Murphy will present a space-themed album collection with 150 space-themed LP record covers showing space in the popular imagination, from ancient megaliths to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

If that’s not enough we will be screening two films: “Postcards from the Future”, premiered at our 2007 ISDC, and “Max goes to the Moon”, newly developed by the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, CO.

And don’t forget the family-friendly classes in the Moon Academy program, including rocket building, Moon Rock disks, and comet-making.  In our adult-learning-themed Lunar University our chapter president will update visitors on where space transportation stands in the post-Shuttle era, and the chapter vice-president will discuss new views of the Earth/Moon system.

This year will feature an expanded slate of exhibitors in addition to NSS of NT: The Moon Society, Dallas Mars Society,Dallas Area Rocket Society, Texas Astronomical Society, Fort Worth Astronomical Society, Dallas Museum of Nature & Science, Noble Planetarium, UTA Planetarium, Civil Air Patrol, AMSAT, Kelley Miller (Solar System Ambassador Moon display), Citizens in Space, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, Monnig Meteorite Gallery, Oklahoma Space Alliance, Dallas Personal Robotics Group, UTD Center for Space Sciences, and the Sci-Tech Discovery Center.

With attendance expected to exceed last year’s record of over 1,000 visitors, NSS of NT is well-positioned to highlight its work in the community, and the projects we undertake:  Dallas Regional Science Fair Scholarship, Santa Space Toy Drive, Space Poetry Contest, Space Poetry Anthology, Space Short Story Contest, and other literary contests, outreach events, and so on.

Come join us Saturday, July 21, 2012, at the Frontiers of Flight Museum just outside of Love Field in Dallas for a day filled with fun and learning for the whole family.

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