MAS_ADay_logoNational Space Society of North Texas president Ken Ruffin will be giving a lecture entitled The Moon, Asteroids, and Mars – The Future of Human Spaceflight.

Kids of all ages, come out and enjoy a plethora — I’ve used up all my big words, you happy? — of enjoyable planetarium shows. They’ve got everything from suns to pharaohs.

While you’re there, check out what the National Space Society is all about!!!

Schedule of shows (only the NSSNT and Moon Society presentations are free):


• 10:00 – We Are Astronomers

• 11:30 – Moon, Asteroids and Mars: The Future of Human Spaceflight (by Ken Ruffin)

• 1:00 – Astronaut

• 2:30 – Back to the Moon for Good

• 4:00 – Moon 101 (by Ken Murphy, President of the Moon Society)

• 5:30 – From Earth to the Universe

• 7:00 – Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

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