Astronomy Day LogoSeveral local organizations join NSS-NT in celebrating Astronomy Day at the University of Texas at Arlington’s Planetarium, located in the Chemistry & Physics building.

Every year, UTA has parents/students weekend and they put on quite a show at the Planetarium with speakers and presentations. There are solar observing, planetarium shows, meteorite displays, talks, door prizes for the kids, and more.

The National Space Society of North Texas (, the Fort Worth Astronomical Society, and the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas are there with information booths, presentations, and sky viewing in the evening.


UTA PlanetariumUTA Planetatirum
700 College Street
Arlington, TX 76019
Officially, Astronomy Day is celebrated “to promote the forerunner of all scientific endeavors and to provide information, resources, and encouragement in all facets of astronomy.” But really, it promotes the fun of astronomy and space science.

Doug Berger, former president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California, founded this annual event in 1973 as a high-profile way of drawing public attention to the science and the hobby through exhibits and activities at urban centers. Since then the celebration has mushroomed in size and scope. Hundreds of astronomy clubs, observatories, museums, colleges, and planetariums worldwide now host special family-oriented Astronomy Day events and festivities. Some organizations extend their activities over an entire week.

The idea of sidewalk astronomy/bringing the telescopes to the people and not the other way around soon started catching on all around the United States, and then the world. Now, Astronomy Day is, in its full name, is the International Astronomy Day, showcasing the holiday’s rapid rise from local public outreach into worldwide phenomenon in less than 4 decades.

Astronomy Day is not set on a fixed date, as it is moved according to Moon phase, coinciding with first quarter Moon as much as possible. Astronomy Day proved such a success that, in 2007, the Astronomy League started designating a second Astronomy Day in the fall, too. Astronomy Day is also the culmination of Astronomy Week.

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