Recap:  During a vacation in northeastern North Carolina, National Space Society (NSS) Director Ken Ruffin accepted an invitation from Robin Barnes and founder Chester Williams to speak to a group of elementary, middle, and high school students about an interesting space topic at A Better Chance/A Better Community in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.  An audience of about 30 students, staff, and parents watched the presentation Near Earth Asteroids:  What Can We Do About Them? and learned how many Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) there are, what we know about them, how we are finding them, what can be done about them, and much more.

Especially since A Better Chance/A Better Community is located in the county where Ken Ruffin attended high school, Ken specifically wanted to inform and inspire each of the students, parents, and staff, to “follow your dreams” to hopefully inspire each one of them to take the opportunities and paths to become as successful as possible.