Space-Based Solar Power

Recap:  The Senior Field Manager of the Texas Campaign for the Environment contacted the National Space Society of North Texas (NSS-NT) asking if NSS Director Ken Ruffin would give a space presentation to the staff and volunteers at their office.

From Ken Ruffin’s presentation on June 13, 2017, a few staff members and about 30 college student volunteers learned about the various electric generating systems currently producing electricity throughout the world, then learned the history and the latest developments on the concept of Space Based Solar Power (SBSP).  This technology would provide unlimited clean energy, without any air pollution, water pollution, solid waste, contaminated soils, spills, hazardous waste, greenhouse gases/climate change, radiation, etc.  SBSP continues to be recommended and supported by the National Space Society.

The most interested attendees were encouraged to be guests at any upcoming National Space Society of North Texas (NSS-NT) meetings.  The most interested attendees were also invited to register for the NSS-NT’s TX-Central Regional Space Development Conference on Saturday, November 18, 2017.