Comics in Space

How do comics reflect our space culture & influence space science as well?

Our next National Space Society of North Texas meeting is this Sunday, Oct. 9th! Ken, our chapter president, will be presenting “Comics in Space: Graphic Tales of Space Adventure”. Not a ppt, this is a hands-on look at the exploration of space as shown in over 50 years worth of comic books, graphic novels, manga and bandes dessinées. Drawn from the vast archives of Ken’s Lunar Library, it will touch not only on our Moon and Solar system, but also more speculative imaginings of the vast beyond. It will cover the range from children’s comics to much more mature audiences, from movie adaptations to franchise blow-outs. It’s space adventure as you’ve never seen it before!

“Comics in Space: Graphic Tales of Space Adventure”

Sunday, October 10th
3:30 – 4:30(-ish) pm
Spring Creek BBQ (back room)
Beltline & 183 in Irving, TX
Across 183 from the Irving Mall

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